Web Design



HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, React, API, TypeScript, FeathersJS, SEO Optimization


 Visual Studio Code, Wix, GitHub Desktop



HML Wellness Solutions

HML Wellness Solutions Website

Tools: Wix

A website updates and overhaul for HML Wellness Solutions.

Singers Playground Website

Singers Playground Website

Tools: Wix

A website updates and overhaul for Singersplayground.com.

CandiceTate.com Portfolio Version 4

Tools: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap

The last version of my portfolio site. Made using cards in Bootstrap and many, many cats.

 Weather App Built in React

React Weather App

Tools: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, React, API

A project that integrates HTML, CSS, React & API to make a functional Weather App. Weather updates in real time with animated icons.

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Hello Cindy Website Redesign

Hello Cindy! Beauty

Tools: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap

A website redesign for a local business owner. I wanted to create a modern site, that also has coding so that the owner could make her own changes.

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Ghost Town Blog Website

Ghost Town.

Tools: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

A project inspired by a recent visit to Alberta ghost towns. This project was fun because I was able to design everything from scratch... without Bootstrap! It was also a chance to work more closely with CSS and JavaScript Animations. All of the photography was done by me.

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