So we started going outside...

by Candice Tate on June 30, 2019

All the worlds a salad

If you had asked me years ago if I would take Pixel outside, my answer would have been a harsh NO. Outside is scary. There are dogs and other cats and it's so... peopley outside. Throw some general anxiety into the mix and you have a recipe for an indoor cat.

That was 6 years ago. Things change. Even anxiety changes. Pixel is an adventure cat now.

Right now her adventures happen on our porch but that's just fine. All adventures start somewhere.

 At first, I wasn't sure she would take to a harness. Pixel was unphased of course. I suppose to her a harness is about the same as wearing a cute outfit. She's still getting used to the leash but I think I'm more scared than she is. I think that I've been the most critical about the whole scenario because I'm so anxious to see my precious baby in the outside world. She's safe at home and I can control her interactions... but outside is a big scary unknown.

Pixel has taken to being outside so naturally though! She treats outside the same as inside... like she owns the place. She wants to explore, she enjoys seeing the birds and today she learned that the ground is salad... probably a byproduct of us giving her cat grass.

So we are going to keep adventuring and moving forward. Our next goal is to get her out and about in the neighborhood. Oh my heart!

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by Mariann on July 14, 2019

Well, that was very well written! I think I’m going to enjoy this blog thing more than I originally thought! You are an amazing cat mom and your love for your fur babies shines through your words.

A proud cat memaw,