Cat Lady Centre Stage - Martie J

by Candice Tate on July 14, 2019

Welcome to Cat Lady Centre Stage!

In my life, I've met so many amazing cat ladies. Unfortunately, many cat ladies still face a lot of stereotypes: that they are crazy essentially. My goal of this blog is to celebrate the amazing cat ladies I've met, and share with the world how diverse and amazing cat ladies are. 

Taking Centre Stage this week we will feature Martie J, cat mom, and entrepreneur. Let's have a look at Martie and her beautiful cats:  

Wink & Archer

Please tell me about your beautiful kitties! 

Archer and Wink! I adopted both of them from Little Cats Lost just over 4 years ago. Archer came first, he was a gift from my husband Ferris for Valentine's Day. We had lost our first cat Apprentice a year earlier and I was still heartbroken and missing him. Ferris surprised me that morning by saying we were going to go out and pick out a kitten. We went to a couple of pet stores that were having adoption events (adopt don't shop!) We met Archer and really loved him right away, he was already 11 months but so nice and chill, and so so soft. I saw a post on Facebook about a month later on the LCL page with a heartbreaking picture of Wink. She had just had an operation to remove one of her eyes, she had a cone, and looked sooooo sad. I showed Ferris and suggested that maybe Archer needed a friend. I didn't think he would say yes but he did!!! I went and met her a week later and it was love. I brought her home and Archer didn't mind at all! He followed her around when she checked out the house and the next day they were cuddled up together in the cat tree.

Wink is a small, delicate little girl, that farts like a man and can clear a room. She loves chicken and chewing on plastic. She has the cutest chirp and is always up for a chin scratch.

Archer is plump and has the fluffiest tail I have ever seen on a short hair. He's the talker, chirps, grunts and meows a lot. He also loves to be brushed and will be found on the bathroom sink after a shower waiting for me to brush my hair and hoping I might give him a few strokes with the brush as well. (he has his own hairbrush that matches now)

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The first picture Martie saw of WinkBesties!

How long have you been a cat lady?

I have always been a lover of cats. We had several growing up. I remember Midnight, Spit, and Kalee. My first cat as an adult is Apprentice. He disappeared over 5 years ago after we moved into town. I attempted to make him an indoor cat, but I had adopted him when he was 5 and he was just too used to the street life. He climbed the walls until I let him out. (bad I know) he did really well for almost a year but he went missing one day and I was devastated. Happy ending though, I think he was picked up by someone and he eventually walked up to a lovely older woman and demanded to stay with her. He is now at least 11 and living a comfortable life with her. She had brought him into the vet for an eye infection and they scanned him. I was called and Ferris and I went up to be reunited and meet the nice lady that had him. I let him stay with her (he wouldn't have gotten along with Archer at all) she invited me to visit Apprentice at her home, it was wonderful!

What is your favorite part of being a cat mom?

Snuggles! Wink likes to climb into my lap when I am watching TV and when I am sleeping she sneaks in and cuddles up to my legs. Archer isn't a lap guy unless it's Ferris' lap and he's sitting in front of his computer. Until I go to bed, then it's all mom for the cuddles, I think they both just like me cause I run hot.

What is the most challenging part of being a cat mom?

3am feedings!!! Damn it Archer do you have to meow in my face!! I spoil him with wet food, and he decides when he needs it. (I'm such a sucker)

You take some pretty amazing photos of your kitties. Do you have any tips for getting the purrfect shot?

I like to wait until they are relaxed. Try to get a few different angles and take a bunch so I have a few to pick from. Take 10 and get 11 or 2 perfect ones.

 Timing is key!

I noticed on your Instagram that your babies go outside on a harness. We just took that plunge and it makes me super nervous. What are your tips for taking your cat on adventures?

I was super nervous at first too. I held onto the leashes and wouldn't let them do too much. That was hard when they both wanted to go in different directions. I eventually realized that Archer wanted to hang out in the garden and catch mice (he's really awesome at it) and Wink wanted to play and chase a toy. Now I just let them go do what they want and watch for Wink makes the mad dash to the fence and over it. She hasn't done it in a while and just wants to climb the tree next door. Archer will try and climb the fence, but he's really slow and bad at it. It helps that we have a big yard.

Wink Loves being outside

So, on top of being a cat mom, you are also a badass entrepreneur! Can you tell me more about your business? Do you have cat products?

I started Smartie's Craftworks Jan 2018, I wanted to be more creative and get involved with local markets. It's so fun! I make earrings, magnets, button pins, and a few other things when the mood strikes me. Everything is customizable too! I do cat-themed everything! Love the Edmonton International Cat Fest!!

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Do you have any future cat-plans right now?

I want all the cats! Win the lottery and open a cat sanctuary? But until that happens I am limited to 2 cats (human to cat ratio enforced by Ferris)
Ferris does do some awesome stuff for the kids though, he is an awesome cat Dad. We have a catio and plan on expanding it this summer!



Thanks so much for sharing Martie! It was great having you and your babies for our blog today. Be sure to check out Martie's latest products and cat pictures on her site, Facebook and Instagram!

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