Cat Lady Centre Stage - Kaela L.

by Candice Tate on October 29, 2019

Welcome to Cat Lady Centre Stage!

In my life, I've met so many amazing cat ladies. Unfortunately, many cat ladies still face a lot of stereotypes: that they are crazy essentially. My goal of this blog is to celebrate the amazing cat ladies I've met, and share with the world how diverse and amazing cat ladies are. 

This week, we are talking to Kaela L. and her handsome son Mowgli.

Please tell me about your handsome young man! 

Mowgli is a handsome long-haired black cat. He loves cuddles and eating. He will stand up on his hind legs for treats. 

What has Mowgli been up to lately? 

 My mom is leaning into her role as a cat grandma really hard right now. At Easter, she sent me home with a care package with some toys for Mowgli. The toys she got him were these wonderful little mice that light up. These are mercifully quiet so that when he gets the three in the morning crazies I don't get woken up. He is also very into a stuffed mere cat right now. He likes to pretend to hunt it, it's almost been demolished. We've also been experimenting with going on walks. Mowgli is a mega chonk and needs all the exercise he can get. Going outside on adventures is sometimes a struggle as Mowgli is what I like to call, a reluctant walker.

 I have been a cat lady for the last five years. I've been crazy considerably longer, but two things are unrelated. Previously to this, I would have considered myself a dog person, now there is nothing wrong with a good doggo but I saw a photo of my handsome man online and it was love at first sight. I knew there would be no turning back for me.

What is your favorite part of being a cat mom?

UNLIMITED CUDDLES!!! Also the way he lies on his back exposing his belly!!! I love to grab his little ponch lower down near his back feeties. He has to try and do a sit-up if he doesn't want me to touch his belly. Mowgli really is such a social cat.

What is the most challenging part of being a cat mom?

For me the hardest part about being a cat mom is the food. For most of his life he has been on diet foods but none of them seems to help him lose weight. I've done so much research, and tried so many different combinations of wet food, and dry food. None of it seems to help. Good thing he isn't a fussy boy and doesn't mind his food being changed. 

Mowgli used to be roommates with Pixel. Does Mowgli have any new friends in his life?

Mowgli's current friends are the squirrels that like to inhabit my patio planter boxes. 

What is #meandmowglitravelglobally?

This hashtag was birthed in the lunchroom at my current job. After a particularly tough morning I was Googling alternative ways to earn an income.... you know... as you do. I found out that travel bloggers get paid $60k - $80k per year to go on vacation. Sign me up! My work wife whom was also furiously Googling having had a similarly frustrating morning, was more cynical, and said sure you could do that but you have to have a an interesting angle that no one else has thought of in order to be successful. I then thought to my handsome monkey at home and how I wouldn't want to leave him while I left for vacations. BOOM that was my angle. I starting dreaming up what I thought was a hilarious side angle. My work wife then put down her phone and got on my level of excitement. She thought I had an interesting point of view about things and should try to build this. Now so many other people on the internet are doing cool things with their cats, there's that guy who sold all his stuff to travel around in a camper with his cat, there's the cat that goes on hikes, etc. We're trying to build up the brand, as we build up our tolerance for walks. Maybe one day we'll get to have a vacation paid for. In the meantime, we'll stick to our walks and jaunts to the local pet store where he is something of a celebrity. 

How does Mowgli enjoy life as an adventurer?

Mowgli totally has a laissez faire, beach bum attitude towards everything. He likes the walks, because inevitably it means he is going to get some attention and can lie down. 

Do you have any future cat-plans right now?

I am trying to build up Mowgli's ability to go on longer walks, I want him to be able to go on a hike!! The only problem is we have such long winters so Mowgli has a long break away from the leash. He also struggles really hard when it's too hot, his coat is pretty thick. So we have a very limited window and lots of work to do.


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