Cat Lady Centre Stage - Melanie H.

by Candice Tate on July 06, 2019

Welcome to Cat Lady Centre Stage!

In my life, I've met so many amazing cat ladies. Unfortunately, many cat ladies still face a lot of stereotypes: that they are crazy essentially. My goal of this blog is to celebrate the amazing cat ladies I've met, and share with the world how diverse and amazing cat ladies are. 

Taking Centre Stage this week we will feature Melanie H, a passionate cat mom, and talented artist. Let's have a look at Melanie and her beautiful cats:  

Please tell me about your beautiful kitties!

Toshiba, Pengu and Peach

Eight-year-old Toshiba is a blue-grey shorthair that is food-motivated and loves armpits. He doesn't seek attention from us very often, but he's the cuddle buddy for the other two cats in the house.
Five-year-old Pengu is the spoiled princess of the three - she's an adorable tuxedo who was the runt of her litter, so she's the smallest. She doesn't mind being held in any way and loves receiving affection. She's the top cat as well, keeping the two boys in check.
One-year-old ginger tabby Peach is the newest addition to the family and an absolute brat. He doesn't like affection as much as the other two but will play with anything at any time, and is very stinky. He's the one getting the most attention at the moment, but only because he makes the cutest faces!
Beautiful Peach

Did you get your cats from a shelter?

All three of the cats came to me as kittens from families who didn't want them: Toshiba was a surprise gift for a child whose parent was allergic - he was originally misgendered and called Ariel! Pengu was a kitten brought home in a backpack by a friend's child, and Peach was born on a friend's farm and spent his early life in a rabbit cage. 
Pengu with a surprise Peach

How long have you been a cat lady?

I've always loved animals, but I feel like I settled on cats as my optimal pet just before getting Toshiba eight years ago. They're self-cleaning, surprisingly empathetic, and I love their laissez-faire way of living life. They're also fairly easy to clean up after, can be left alone for long periods during the day, and are great for cuddles.
Toshiba is so cute

What is your favourite part of being a cat mom?

I love their companionship. I work from home, so I appreciate that I'm not "alone" in the house. I know for a fact that without them, I'd be a completely different person. People often rip on cats for being apathetic and unfriendly, but that's so far from the truth - They helped me immensely during a rough depressive phase this past winter, and I wake up every morning with at least one of them cuddling me in some way.


What is the most challenging part of being a cat mom?

With any pet, the most challenging aspect would be a lack of communication, but cats notoriously hide pain symptoms. We're currently dealing with Pengu and Toshiba having a few digestive issues, and it would be so much easier if we could ask them what's wrong instead of playing the guessing game.

Pixel has one of your fabulous homemade sweaters! Is it difficult to knit a custom sweater for a cat?

It really isn't! Cat sweaters are basically tubes with arm holes. Even though the cats don't appreciate it, I get a kick out of making them sweaters and hats! I've made a popcorn sweater, lion's mane hat, shark hat, and so much more - I've made a few pieces for other pets too, like dogs and birds.

Peach is very well dressedPixel is so silly

So, on top of being a cat mom, you are also a badass entrepreneur! Can you tell me more about your business? Do you have cat products? 

I'm a watercolour illustrator! I paint "soft, but sharp" pastel scenes of magic, including mermaids, fairies, bugs, and so much more. If you've ever been to Edmonton Expo, I make my living by going to comic cons and other shows across Canada and the States! It's incredibly fun but more demanding and stressful than you think. 

Do you have any cat products you sell?

I currently have two cat prints and am working on making stickers of my cats. I currently have a Peach sticker! I'm also working on a few projects that'll get a few more cats into my portfolio, but those won't be released for a while. ;)
Mel's Art

Do you have any future cat-plans right now?

I actually just bought a backpack for taking my cats outside. Toshiba has shown a lot of interest in it, so I'm slowly getting him used to it, and hope I'll be able to take short walks around the neighbourhood with him!

Thanks so much for taking the time to show us your beautiful cats and talk about them! I loved hearing about all of them and "aww-ed" out loud at your photos! Toshiba, Pengu and Peach are so adorable.


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